Hi there. I hope you have had a great month. I sure have. I’ve been busy with a class on Entrepreneurship from MIT. I am learning lots and hope to use it in future and share with you, my fellow bloggies.  I haven’t sewn anything new but have been doing alterations and some mending for my dear husband. That will keep me busy. I also bought 3 newblouses from Lands End which need tailoring to sleeves and taken in on sides. I am so excited and can’t wait to wear them. 


Journey to Adventure

Hi there. I’m Corina and this is my first blog. I have never blogged in my life. I have posted two blog posts about my sewing projects, but that’s about it.  I tried getting started but ended up losing my pictures and things are on the wrong page.  I know the tutorials and someone will somehow help me out

My reason for blogging is to document my sewing journey.  I plan to keep track of all my sewing as I make my way to starting a sewing business. I’ve spent  21 years as an alterationist with costuming as well as making clothes for my husband, our dog and myself.

And so as I take off down the road towards a wonderful adventure, I hope you can join me.


Today is Labor Day and I have indeed labored at home. Chores don’t stop on holidays.

As I begin my next sewing project, I mentally see the fabrics which I will use. I am making my second bra where lace and tricot will be used. Tricot will be my stabilizer while the burgundy lace will be the showpiece.  My bra pattern of choice is PUG Shelley.

To show the progress, I will post pictures for you to see where I am at.  I am enclosing a picture of the tricot in white and the Devore fabric in burgundy.

I hope you have a great holiday